A Start-Up with a Social Cause.

At Dhanuragi we are committed to save gallons of water wasted in our toilets everyday.

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Concept behind toilet based water conservation.

Every household uses water for variuos purposes such as washing hands, toilet, bathing and washing utensils and clothes. This water is completely wasted and is not being utilized for any other purposes.
At Dhanuragi, we have developed a home based system where we can purify differently wasted water and utilize the same water for re-use.

Why work with us?


Implemented without interfering present setup


Cost effective, saves huge amount anually

Maintenance free

Almost no maintenance required


Increases ground water level significantly

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High-impact services

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Inclusive Approach

Our solutions are designed to cater public toilets and washrooms, school toilets and washrooms and household toilets and washrooms.

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Quality Assurance

Toilets/washrooms fittings and accessories are designed to lastlong hence Dhanuragi has slso developed the soltutions to lastlong with minimize maintenance.

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User Friendly

Easy to implement, easy to use and hassle free dispension of solid waste from the wasted water

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Dhanuragi keeps track of it's serviced toilets/washrooms (clients) through technology based system.

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Every complaint is attended within few hours (though we strive that there is no complaint).

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Business Opportunity

Dhanuragi welcomes franchise enquiries from different cities of India. Dhanuragi provides complete training and marketing assistances.

A simple yet powerful and efficient process

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1. Thorough Analysis

Every project is analyzed properly based on waste disposal, space, time required and cost effeciency.

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2. Execution

The solution is implemented within shortest span of time without any major changes and damage to existing infrastracture.

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3. You are A Hero

By saving gallons and gallons of precious water you are contributing in saving the earth and ecology. You become an unsung hero.

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Basic concept of toilet water conservation